Current Students & Dissertation Committees

Current Students

Tülay Ö. Dixon (w/ Doug Biber): Tülay’s dissertation project has two broad goals: (1) identifying the standards of academic writing that are expressed as rules in publication manuals and (2) examining whether academic writers adhere to such rules using corpus tools and methods. You can learn more about Tülay by visiting:

Seda Acikara Eickhoff (w/ Tove Larsson): Seda’s project  focuses on the linguistic features in the corpus of timed L2 writing. The first step of the project is to compile a corpus of L2 writing which composes essay responses written under time constraints for a placement test at an Intensive English Program, including metadata such as the topic (prompt), year and semester information, ratings that were used to make placement decisions as well as learners’ background information such as proficiency, gender, and country of origin. The second step of the project is to analyze the lexicogrammatical and phraseological features of this corpus in relation to external variables such as ratings, topics, and students’ background information.

Lama Alhusain: Lama’s project focuses on L2 pair interaction and how different background variables (e.g., gender, level of collaboration) impact pairs’ L2 performances (e.g., lexico-grammatical features, disagreement). Lama is also interested in task design characteristics and their impact on language production.

Nairui Chen: Nairui’s research investigates the relationship between linguistic features and the writing quality in EFL learners’ classroom writing.. She is interested in variable such as task variation and text types as well as individual differences.

Dissertation committees


Mohammed Alquraishi (2020)

Garrett Larson (w/ Okim Kang) (2020)

Meixiu Zhang (2018)

Dan Brown (2017)

Qiandi Liu (w/ Luke Plonsky) (2016)

Jon Smart (w/ Randi Reppen) (2012)

Committee member

Meishan Chen (2018)

Nicole Brun-Mercer (2018)

Eric Schnur (2017)

Mansour Al. Surmi (2012)

Cui Zhang (2012)

Anthony Becker (2011)

Jack Grieve (2009)

Mohammed Albakry (2005)